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[Private to Scotty]

I'm told you're the man to go to about investigating the attack on Tuesday. I'd be willing to lend my assistance and expertise.
Tags: engineering geeks united, scotty, teamwork
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Ab-so-LUTELY, Doc! The material's just a hair out of my expertise, a bit more advanced than what I'm used to gettin' my hands in. Feel free to stop by at your earliest convenience. We're havin' a bit of a sleepover, Ambassador Organa and I; can't sleep when all of this is so fresh, and a third set of experienced hands will be welcomed.

[ooc; I'm going to be throwing up a spam with Leia in a bit on Scotty's journal, you are welcomed to join. I'll post a link here when it's up. :]]
Brilliant! Is the radiation down to acceptable background levels?
Absolutely. Made us a scrubber and got down to business as quickly as we could.
Oh I like you, Mr Scott. Be up in a tick!