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[.o29] - Graduation - Feel free to spam


Strange, innit, how sometimes everything can work out in the end.

A-hem, right. Less vauge. If I've understood this properly -and the bit of Donna in my soul's busily swatting me for overanalyzing it-

I've graduated. Not something you expect when you wake up from three days revisiting your childhood, in your jim-jams and with a crick in your back from dozing sideways in an armchair.

[He clears his throat again, tapping his fingers briefly against the desktop.]

Blimey, I'm godawful at these sorts of things...

There are a few things I've left to tie up on the Barge before I go, and that includes good-byes. I can spare more than enough time for those.

[[So it's finally rolled around. Any crazy-brain-hindering crap was cured by the return to adulthood, but he'll still be stopping by the infirmary for a last check to be certain. The Doctor will be leaving the Barge for a few days, possibly even a week depending on his mun's timetable, before he returns with full Warden status. Because he was basically trying to act like a warden when he wasn't whinging for home, loooool. Feel free to assume he had a neat little heartfelt "kbye" for your character if he knew them and if you don't want to spam. :)]]
Tags: graduation, homeward bound
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