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[Theta stares critically at the screen for a long moment, anxiety read in his small frame. He's dwarfed by his older self's pyjama shirt, bare knees just peeking out underneath its hem where he's tucked them beneath his chin. He repeats the following in the languages he's seen thus far on the other messages, his confidence growing with each recitation.]

To the residents of the time-and-space ship known collectively as "the Barge",

This is Theta Sigma, of the House of Lungbarrow and student of the Prydon Academy. I've escaped from your primitive medical laboratory- now let my friends go and return us to Gallifrey at once!

[He swaps to Gallifreyan next:]

Is there anyone else here other than Ushas and Koschei? Drax, are you here too? Vansell? Rallon?!

[I figure he sneaked out during the ensuing "o shit son there's carpet sharks about" confusion. He's been reading through entries the past day and... is pretty hungry and upset. Like the Master he's post-Torvic killin' but is generally an all right, if high-strung, kid.]
Tags: flood: kid, protective meta is protective, tiny doctor is unhappy with you
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